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Money saving tips!

Pay less for the same room: It’s definitely not a case of one price fits all when it comes to hotels. The same room will often be advertised at different prices by different people and shopping around can easily save you hundreds, if not thousands. Don’t forget to check the hotel’s own price before scouring the price comparison sites.

Read and compare reviews: This is standard practice when it comes to booking hotel rooms and a really good indicator of whether the establishment is worth the money. For example, if you are willing to pay top dollar for fine dining but don’t swim and the majority of reviews are raving about the pool but are not so complimentary about the restaurants; you may want to reconsider. Review websites are also great for suggesting alternatives and searching within a price bracket.

Search by star-rating: You will probably have a good idea of the standard of accommodation you are seeking, and searching by star-rating rather than a specific hotel name will allow you to find fantastic deals from hotels that you may otherwise not have known about. This means that you can save money without compromising on your comfort preferences.

Use the search filters: Just as with flight booking, altering the search criteria could end up saving you considerable amounts of money. Varying your stay by a few days or broadening your desired location for example, are great ways to save.