Advice on Self Catering

Advice on Self Catering

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After settling on a location and resort, deciding whether to go self-catering, bed & breakfast, half-board or full-board is something that people often agonise over when planning a holiday. It’s a decision that will have a big impact on the style and price of your trip and it’s not always a straight-forward decision. Whilst self-catering can be a fantastic way of reducing initial holiday costs, it’s important to look at the overall picture to establish whether this is the best choice for you.

Self-catering offers great flexibility and choice. We have put together a list of pros, cons and tips to make sure that you are well catered for when it comes to self-catering.

Self-catering pros

Budget: Opting for a self-catering style holiday can considerably reduce initial costs, leaving you to either enjoy the savings or to allocate a slightly higher budget to other elements of your getaway.

Flexibility: If your food and drink are included in your package deal you are fairly limited in many respects. You will be restricted by the times, restaurants and menus of the hotel and will often see the same dishes served up many times over the course of your stay. Self-catering offers much more flexibility and you will be able to arrange your day around the individual preferences of your group.

Variety: Whilst you may have carefully chosen a delightful holiday resort in which to enjoy your well-earned time-off, that doesn’t mean you will want to spend all day, every day there. For many, exploring new environments and cultures is one of the best parts of a holiday and self-catering allows for unlimited sampling of the local cuisine.

Self-catering cons

False economy? Whilst it can be tempting to opt for self-catering when the cost of your holiday will drop as a result, think carefully about the decision. Being entirely responsible for your dining could potentially end up costing you more. Take into account the prices of local food and drink and taxi or public transport costs to travel to supermarkets or restaurants. One advantage of other boarding options is that it’s much easier to budget whilst away.

Effort: Although most of us successfully manage to self-cater for most of the year, holidays are usually a time for relaxation and fun. As simple as it might sound when you are immersed in the daily grind, will you really want to shop for, prepare and cook when you’re not eating out?

Self-catering tips

• Take provisions for the first night. This will avoid manically searching an unfamiliar area for supplies after a long journey.
• Don’t forget to bring kitchen essentials with you. Resorts and lodgings differ considerably in relation to cooking equipment and kitchen essentials. Check what will be provided as it’s easy to get caught out.
• Have a few simple recipes that you know you can fall back on and which don’t require specialist ingredients.
• Get familiar with the culinary landscape of the local area prior to your visit. Knowing the location of restaurants and supermarkets will help your trip run smoothly.