Popular Brands

Popular Brands

We all have our favourite brands that we stick with throughout most of our life, don’t we?

Whether it is a new Apple laptop, a brand new kitchen Bosch dishwasher or a Christmas gift from John Lewis, we have created an edited list of the most popular brands we find users searching for. We hope you find this guide useful and time saving.

Smart TV

Smart TVs

Looking for a new TV? Save by comparing prices on our wide range of Smart TV's in a variety of different sizes and brands.

Washing Machine

Washing Machines

Has your old washing machine finally packed up? Buy a new one! Compare prices on our wide range washing machines.

SLR Camera

SLR Cameras

Whether you are an amateur or pro, compare prices on our wide range of SLR cameras and bag yourself a cracking deal!



Looking for a deal on a tablet? Compare prices on our wide range of branded tablets from Windows readers to iPads.

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Air Conditioners Buying Guide

An air conditioner will extract the hot air from a room and recycle it to turn it into cool air that is released back into the room there by cooling the overall room temperature; perfect for hot summer months and keeping ordinarily stuffy rooms feeling light and airy.

Picking an air conditioner can be difficult as they can be a costly investment so you do not want to be stuck with an ineffective one that only seems to be good at making additional noise. Read the full guide >>

Computer Monitors Buying Guide

A computer monitor is the screen which displays content as part of your PC; a monitor is essential for a standard computer but can also be used alongside a laptop or dual-monitor system to be able to display multiple screens at once.

The resolution of your monitor refers to the quality of image you’ll see as it is a measure of how many pixels are displayed in each direction. A higher resolution means a far greater quality and detail of images. The average monitor usually has 1080 lines of resolution; which is enough for watching a movie in good quality as well as standard office work. If you are planning more complex design work it can be worth investing in a high resolution monitor but the price difference is usually fairly significant. Read the full guide >>

Exercise Bikes Buying Guide

f you have a busy life either at work or juggling a busy family life you may struggle to find time to get to your local gym. If this is the case purchasing an exercise bike may be the perfect way to keep fit from home. Exercise bikes offer a simple piece of equipment that are easy to assemble. They give your legs an excellent workout and will improve your cardiovascular fitness and stamina.

Before you purchase your new bike it is worthwhile doing some research and having a read through this buying guide first. Read the full guide >>