Motorbike Insurance

Motorbike Insurance Buying Guide

Just as with car insurance motorbike insurance can be comprehensive, third party or third party fire & theft. The minimum legal requirement is to hold third party insurance which will cover the medical care and repair costs for any outside party that you cause damage to; whilst comprehensive will also protect you and is generally a more recommended form of insurance cover.

You’ll be aware that driving a motorbike can be extremely dangerous, and this will be reflected in the price of the policy. But due to the nature of any crash it is important to obtain sufficient insurance to not only protect others but also to protect yourself in the event of an accident. When taking out a policy it is important to consider what you’ll be using the motorbike for, providing inaccurate information will invalidate your policy. You will have to choose between listing your usage as:

Social and Domestic

This will provide cover for the minimum use of your bike; that’s travelling purely for social purposes like visiting friends and domestic activities such as shopping.

Social, Domestic and Commuting

Including everything that a social and domestic cover would but also the commute to and from work; this is the most common type of policy you’ll need if the motorbike is your only means of transportation.


This will ensure you’re covered for all of the activities described above as well as for use as part of your business as well; for example deliveries or attending meetings.

When buying insurance the most important thing to do is to shop around; there’s tonnes of deals and types of policies available so prioritise what types of cover you need then see who can provide the best price for you.