Exercise Bikes

Exercise Bikes Buying Guide

If you have a busy life either at work or juggling a busy family life you may struggle to find time to get to your local gym. If this is the case purchasing an exercise bike may be the perfect way to keep fit from home. Exercise bikes offer a simple piece of equipment that are easy to assemble. They give your legs an excellent workout and will improve your cardiovascular fitness and stamina.

Before you purchase your new bike it is worthwhile doing some research and having a read through this buying guide first.

Different types of exercise bike

Upright - This is the most common type of exercise bike on the market where the user sits in a raised position normal to that of a road bike. You tend to sit forward and lean against the handle bars.

Recumbent - If you are recovering from either knee or back injuries then this type of bike is a good choice. You will lean back into a riding position on a padded backrest. This is comfortable if you intend to ride for a long time.

Training cycles - More suited for those of you who love a vigorous work out, these type of bikes are the same as you would find at gym spinning classes.

Exercise bikes take up alot of space

The one downside of an excercise bike is they tend to take up alot of room in your house. If you have a small house then an excercise bike may not be right for you. Generally speaking you will need at least as much room as a single bed would take up. Also consider that you will need at least half a metre each side to get on and off of the bike. If you shop around you will find some bikes that can fold up which will make storing them alot easier.

Some features you may want to look for on your bike

Having a bike with pre-programmed resistance workouts is a great plus. Resistance is created by magnets in the bikes structure and they create varying amounts of drag. Most excercise bikes have a good LCD display and this is a real must if you are serious about having a good workout as it will provide you with real time information. An LCD display will show you your current programme, speed, calories burned, how far you have travelled and heart rate monitoring.