Cruises Buying Guide

What used to be the domain of the retired and possibly elderly has fast become far more attractive to a younger target market. Cruises offer an amazing range of onboard activities and visit some incredible destinations. So if you are of the younger generation don't dismiss the idea of going on a cruise with your partner, family or mates.

Cruise holiday packages may include everything from swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas to exploring beautiful cities in Europe. Cruise packages can contain something for everyone from avid adventurers, relaxing sunbakers to energy filled kids.

Where will you sail and for how long?

Once you set sail there’s not much you can do about the route planned so make sure you research all the possible routes first and see where you’d most like to visit. It’s also important to look at how much time you’ll be sailing for; if it’s your first cruise then opt for a shorter time so you can experience the basics of a cruise before committing to anything for a month which you can’t back out of if you aren’t enjoying it.

How much time will you get off the boat?

One of the main parts of a cruise are the stops you’ll make and new places to explore; so it’s important to look at how much time you’ll get off the boat. Whether it’s a couple of hours or a whole days stop in each destination this will give you the opportunity to plan activities in each place.

What services are available on the boat?

Cruise ships vary in style and services available; whilst some come complete with their own swimming pools and bowling alleys others are more simplistic. You need to decide what you would prioritise on your boat and make sure to check the details closely.

How many people will be aboard?

If you have a tendency to feel claustrophobic when choosing a cruise take a look at the number of people who are planning to be on board and compare to the deck size; as your first cruise you might prefer to opt for a smaller number of passengers so it’s not overwhelming to be on board a busy boat.

Read up on reviews

There’s a different atmosphere aboard each cruise so take a look at reviews on impartial websites to determine if you’re going to enjoy the party style or be wishing for a quieter relaxing atmosphere. It’s definitely worth checking what previous guests thought before booking up.