Buying Guides

Buying Guides

Are considering making an important purchase sometime soon?

Why not take a look at one of our buying guides beforehand, for a little advice and to put your mind at rest. We add new guides to our collection regularly and we cover a wide range of subjects from personal finance, travel and holiday to household products.

Buying Guides to help you with your finances:

Secured Loans Buying Guide

Secured Loans

A secured loan is taken out against an asset; usually a house. It’s perfect for taking a larger loan as lenders feel more secure.

Pensions Buying Guide


Pensions are all about having a plan for the future; by saving and investing appropriately for a more secure retirement.

Life Insurance Buying Guide

Life Insurance

Whilst not something you want to think about, life insurance will protect your loved ones in the event of something happening to you.

Credit Cards Buying Guide

Credit Cards

Love them or hate them, credit cards are part of our everyday lives. They can be used to our advantage if managed well.

Buying Guides to help you with your household bills:

Broadband Buying Guide


There are now numerous broadband providers on the market and a multitude of choice when it comes to price and service levels.

Home Insurance Buying Guide

Home Insurance

As home is where the heart is, it is so important to get a good home insurance policy to protect your house and belongings.

Mobile Phones Buying Guide

Mobile Phones

Picking a mobile phone can be a task when there’s so much choice in price plans, contracts, networks not to mention the phone itself.

Pet Insurance Buying Guide

Pet Insurance

A pet is just like any other member of the family, so don't forget to look out for your pet with a good pet insurance policy.

Buying Guides to help you with your shopping:

Air Conditioners Buying Guide

Air Conditioners

Choosing the type of air conditioner you wish to buy is a personal choice and will be determined much by the use and environment it is in.

Coffee Makers Buying Guide

Coffee Makers

Before you spend your hard earned money on a new coffee maker, have a think about what kind of coffee you wish to make?

Baby Monitors Buying Guide

Baby Monitors

Which to go for? Analog or digital, each has its own advantages and disadvantages which affect the cost of the product.

Digital Cameras Buying Guide

Digital Cameras

Digital cameras are a great way to capture all those important moments with an easy way to transfer, save pictures on your computer.

Buying Guides to help you with your travel & holidays:

Car Hire Buying Guide

Car Hire

At some point in most peoples lives they will have to hire a car. Make sure you are prepared so as to avoid an hidden charges.

Cruises Buying Guide


What was once the domain of retired pensioners has now become very popular amongst all ages including family holidays!

Hotels Buying Guide


There literally are hundreds of websites now professing to offer the best value deals. Consider our little checklist to make your choice easier.

Self Catering Buying Guide

Self Catering

If you want a break with a little more freedom and to feel just like home then self catered accommodation is just the one for you.